2015 – Q1 Report 1

RTI to followup on our previous traffic complaints

To follow up on our complaints given on Traffic violators, we filed a RTI last year, enquiring on the status of the complaints. We got a response from saidapet and guindy Inspectors that Action has been taken on our complaints and reports sent to their higher authority. It a good positive response, but details of the action taken like challan copy, action taken report, as we requested in the RTI were not given, hence we filed the First Appeal.

It is for the First Appeal that the Inspectors responded about the action taken on their side. Seems they viewed the video, but reported no action can be taken as the Video quality is low. Actually all our videos are HD 1080p clarity videos.

To clarify up, we called up the Inspectors and enquired, their response was `time constraint`. They are already overloaded in our roads to maintain smooth traffic and they don’t have resources to take action on our complaints. But we will continue on our efforts to document the video violations, plead or pressurise the officials to take action on them. We are also thinking of possible ways to reduce the effort on police officials side to take action on the complaints, by possibly involving volunteers. But nothing concrete here, as of now.

Stepping up to big count

We are stepping up the Video capturing process and captured 16 videos in Jan, 22 in Feb and a whooping 84 videos in March 🙂

Looking for Volunteers to take traffic violation videos and volunteers to analyze the videos and identify violation information.

Interested please fill this form

Our first RTI Workshop

To spread the awareness on RTI and guide people on how to raise an RTI, a workshop was conducted on February 22, 2015. There were close to 10 participants.

After the presentation, the participants were required to create an RTI application. We suggested a list of topics for creating RTIs by the participants. The participants also suggested topics of interest. After a consolidated list of topics was created, each topic was assigned to the interested participants.

The participants formed groups based on their topic. They discussed the various points that can be part of the RTI and started framing a draft version of the RTI. The session ended with the action point of the individuals drafting the RTI application and sending to us. After the application is finalized, the RTI will be finalized and submitted by the individuals.

RTI Workshop

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