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Want to ask right questions to the authorities in your locality regarding any social issue. But dont know how to do it or need assistance in any form. We are to support your cause and also depending on the issue, we will also take up your issue and file a RTI Application ourselves to pressurise the associated officials.

You can also take up any existing open RTI Applications and submit it yourself, thus strengthening our cause.

Strengthen us by joining the Google Groups page, and participating in our activities.

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  1. Reply Suvendu Mahapatra Oct 12,2013 8:02 am

    Once in 2 weeks I travel from Chennai to Bangalore.
    I have a very simple question to NHAI:
    1. Why after paying a Toll of Rs.55/- (single Trip) at Sriperumbudur the roads till the next toll (i.e. at Kancheepuram) are having un-repaired pot holes for months together….
    Is NHAI with its contractors is waiting for some auspicious day to start the repair work?
    If the roads are not good then I shouldn’t either pay the toll or should be charged some discounted amount….

    • Reply saiy2k Oct 12,2013 2:18 pm

      Hi Suvendu,

      Well Said. Why should one pay Rs. 55 Toll Fee for a crappy road?
      But we two discussing here, wont bring a change. Try gathering similar minded people, photo shoot the road conditions, get signatures from people, file a format complaint to NHAI, post on their social portals (, etc.,
      We all should start asking right questions and make govt. authorities accountable for each paisa of our money (Tax). Our silence paves the way for the Corrupt to continue doing their actions.

      Our time is already consumed by the activities that we took up and taking up responsibility of one another cause is not possible because of the Time Constraints. But we will definitely support you, if you are ready to take up this cause and fight for it 🙂 In such a case, drop us a mail to

      Thanks 🙂

  2. Reply RAMAN VERMA Oct 12,2013 8:55 am

    The New Chennai Bye Pass which runs between Tambaram and Red Hills via Maduravoyal and Ambattur. The stretch between Maduravoyal and Ambattur Industrial Estate has two Service Roads one on the Eastern side and the other on the Western side of the By Pass.
    The Western side of the Service Road was cleared off of all encroachments and even through out. All of a sudden, the stretch abutting the “Vasanth Apartments” has been permitted to encroach the road and they have constructed their compound wall encroaching the road itself. Already the Service Road is nnarrow. This has caused bottle neck This must be enquired immediately as to who has permitted them. This comes under West Mogappair, Chennai 600037.

    • Reply saiy2k Oct 12,2013 2:28 pm

      Hi Raman,

      I guess that Bye Pass is with NHAI. File a formal complaint on the same, you might not get response. So, follow it up with RTI enquiring the progress and action taken on your complaint. Again follow it up with First Appeal and Second Appeal, in case, there is no proper response.

      We too tried doing something on Road Encroachments with another Social Activist Azhagar Senthil in Porur. But it was in vein, since it involved some big people / big money. But when we all unite and fight, we can achieve anything, I believe.

      PS: Since the issue involves some particular Apartment, your actions might make the involved builders angry and take insane decisions. Be very careful. If you are very serious about this issue, drop a mail to Then we shall discuss, how to take it up forward.

  3. Reply Shib Kumar Jalan Oct 12,2013 9:39 am

    If RTI can be invoked for Public Institutions; why not the sane can be invoked in the private organisations?

    They too cheat employees; like Bosses to do to his sub-ordinates; or anything else..

    • Reply saiy2k Oct 12,2013 2:36 pm

      Though RTI doesnt apply to Private entities. There will be some Government Authority to look after any problem like Consumer issues, Labour issues, etc., Do some research in Internet and you can find.

  4. Reply Murtaza Oct 12,2013 10:28 am

    I would like to know what is the procedure for obtaining a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)?.
    My brother is in Canada and he requires PCC from Chennai so that he can
    apply for his citizenship there.
    It has been over 3 months, still he has not got the PCC. He first applied directly from Canada,when that did not work , we applied from Chennai.
    We have been making rounds of Commissioner Office and the Local B2 police Station from past few weeks ,but PCC has not yet been given to us.

  5. Reply Dorairaj Oct 12,2013 10:29 am

    Please give me your phone number. I want to talk to you personally.


  6. Reply feby john Oct 12,2013 12:39 pm

    It is nice work that you are doing. Very inspiring.

    I need a help. I stay in Palikkarnai , chennai pin 600100. Roads are being laid on all streets in palikkarnai. Palikkarnai ,kamakoti nagar had streets numbered from 1 to 10. Nothing is done on 9th cross street ext,north . We have raised complaints with cm cell and corporation. nothing have been done soar. They say there is water on the roads as an excuse. There were other roads which were water logged for up to a feet. These wetter leveled and completed. We contacted AE,JE,AEsquare on this , they say the same add the road contractor. Need your help in filling RTI in when and why road are no laid in 9th cross street ext, north kamakoti nagar pallkarnai chennai 600100.

  7. Reply Saurabh Oct 12,2013 3:49 pm

    It is a great initiative guys. Keep it up and our corrupt politicians needs to start following the right track.

  8. Reply Yuva Oct 12,2013 3:58 pm


    This is regarding taking a right turn from padikuppam road (near weigh bridge) towards nerkundram on poonamallee high road. There are police officers posted in this junction and they allow right turn from poonamallee high road to padikuppam, but does not allow the other way. We find it very difficult to take a U turn by going further towards rohini theatre complex especially when police officers are available. Could the right turn be made available on both ways. I request you to kindly take it up with concerned officers please.

  9. Reply Benedict Manish Oct 13,2013 12:30 am

    Hey guys,

    Great work. I have always been wanting to do this, but was never able to take the 1st step, due to complacence. Now I have a whole lot of issues that I like to support with like organized parking in interior roads to encroachments along roads to garbage cleaning.

    I wish to express my interest to take up Garbage cleaning in Thiruvanmiyur / Adyar as my first focus.

    I would like to understand what is the average quantity of waste (bio degradable / non bio degradable) estimated per family of average size of 4 members in one day?
    No of residents living in Thiruvanmiyur / Adyar as per 2011 census?
    No of garbage bins (which are usable and not damaged with all 4 wheels)deployed by the Corporation of Chennai in this particular locality?
    Collection frequency in these localities?
    Collection Time Table ?
    Is there a door to door segregation project that is tested in these localities?
    Does the corporation have a chart on the location of all these bins and who’s responsibility is it to ensure that these bins are not in the middle of the road causing traffic jams?
    What is the procedure for a common man to raise complaint on an overflowing collection bin, and what is the response time?
    Is it the responsibility of the waste collectors who accompany the lorries to clear spill over waste or is there a separate team who work on this?
    Who is responsible for collection of debris in a particular locality?

    I hope these are broadly the questions that if answered, we can identify where the issues are and aid officials plan it out in a better way. Now we once we are clear on what data is not available in this locality we can be rest assured that the same data will not be available in most of the zones. Can you help me start this out, and guide me to finish this 🙂

  10. Reply Ganpat Oct 13,2013 12:47 am


    I am a resident of Thirumalai Nagar, Ramapuram. Just recently we got the tar roads. We are yet to get sewage connection for our area. I would like to know

    1.when the corporation is planning to give sewage connections to this area?
    2.By when this work will be completed?
    3.Why is there so much of delay in giving the connections?


  11. Reply P.R Samuel Oct 14,2013 6:23 pm

    Dear Sir,
    Moggapair east,J.J Nagar, has seen a real estate boom during the past few years. A lot of

    flats & large commercial complexes have come up in the area .But the street road’s for part of 10’th block of Mogappair

    east, which is situated just opposite to the Mogappair east,J.J Nagar bus terminus and the few streets that form a square

    from where the Amma Canteen has been opened,Door no’s from 30, has not been laid for more than 15 years though it has

    been laid for all the other blocks and also other parts of 10’th block.This is causing a lot of inconvenience for the residents of

    the 10’th block specially during the rainy season.Repeated complaints to the Chennai corporation have proved futile.Will the

    authorities wake up to our plight & do the needful on a war footing ?


    P.R Samuel


    • Reply saiy2k Oct 20,2013 4:49 am

      Hi P.R. Samuel,
      If you got acknowledgement card / letters / proof of delivery from Corporation for your previous complaints, we can follow it up with RTI and try pushing the officials, to work on this. To discuss further, drop a mail to

      • Reply P.R Samuel Oct 25,2013 8:14 pm

        thanks for your reply mail.My online complaint at the

        ChennaiCorporation website Public Grievance and Redressal System

        is 581FUU with 2 reminders.You can check the status online in the

        same website.I had also emailed to the mayor,deputy mayor,area

        m.l.a & also have spoken to the area engineer incharge of the

        roads.But till date no action at all.I would like to kindly request

        you to do the needful asap to get this issue resolved on

        my behalf as the problem faced by me & fellow residents of these

        street’s is just too much specially during this rainy season.

  12. Reply Sankar Oct 15,2013 10:29 am

    I am a civil engineer. I got an offer to work in Gulf country. In the mean while i done all my attestation process in chennai secretariat & delhi embassy. etc. Finally i went for medical in GAMACA chennai.
    There i got a problem, they said i am unfit to work, the reason is i have a (fibrotic strands) scar in my lungs, which was casued by pulmonary fibrosis or cold. I am very well knew that i am not affected by any TB at past and till now. But the doctor said this may happened in your childhood and some blaw blaw blaw.
    This scars is not an infectious disease. As per the GAMCA criteria they said it is unfit. link for your reference
    what can i do? i am in trap? My whole family belongs me and my salary. i not willing to miss that offer.

  13. Reply Viswanath Oct 15,2013 1:20 pm

    Dear Sir,

    IAF road near Camp road, Selaiyur is road leading to entrance of Tambaram Air Force station and it links Air Officers quaters with their office. This road also have lot of residential apartments and houses on both sides, which is two lane road with wide spaces on both sides. Total width of road (laid and open space) could be upto six lanes. But enroachments by houses, shops and unregulated parking eat up lot of space. This is creating lot of traffic bottlenecks in peak hours with garbage bin and cattles augumenting problem to public. Shops have atmost of 3/4 of their length streching to open space of road, there by making two wheelers getting parking right in middle of road.


  14. Reply P Ramachandran Oct 16,2013 10:32 am

    Dear Sir,

    I would like to bring the following few lines for immediate redressel and action:

    As you are aware, there is a over bridge on Tambaram Road and under this bridge, passengers have to cross the road to reach the platform, which is a juction for road adjoining to OMR and Tambaram GST Road. All passengers finding it difficult to cross the road, as the vehicles using the GST road connecting through TG Nagar subway are coming fast and at uncontrollable speed. If there is a speed breaker before that junction, the speed of the vehicle will get reduced and passengers can safely cross the road. I request you to take up the matter with the concerned authorities and do the needful. This will be beneficial for the passengers ensuring safe crossing of the road and also avoid accidents.

  15. Reply sainath Oct 17,2013 5:55 pm


    Would like to help in the below. The Redhills road in villivakkam from the subway is too narrow results in continuous snarls coupled with 4 tasmac shops resulting in nuisance and obstructions. The road is suppose to be 80 feet road which is currently 10 feet resulting in lesser bus service and traffic holds. Most the roads are been encroached and inspite of earlier efforts nothing has happened till now. Kindly let me know how to take this through RTI to ensure the road is restored.

  16. Reply Sushma Tolia Oct 18,2013 6:34 pm

    Respected Sir,
    I am a resident of 25,Arulambal street,T.Nagar.Since last 3years I am not getting supply of metrowater.Despite repeated complaints and applications there is no positive outcome.According to the Chennai metrowater engineers my watertank is a little too inside my compound and so the force of water is not enough to reach the tank.Have exhausted all my resources of contacting the labourers who dig and check the lines to the main engineers of my ward.From last 2 years have given up the attempt.It will be very much appreciated and helpful if I can be guided in this matter and as to how to go about further.
    Thanking you.

  17. Reply SAMPATH, Ex IAF Oct 19,2013 10:39 pm


  18. Reply Geeta Padmanabhan Oct 19,2013 11:03 pm

    Hi,My road – Dr. Radhakrishnan Nagar Main road, Thiruvanmiyur – is listed as “primary residential”. Then how come businesses are opening up on this extremely busy road which has a school? How do these people get commercial licenses? Do they have licenses at all? Can you help to close them down?

  19. Reply NM Vasagan Oct 22,2013 7:53 pm

    I have been residing in Madipakkam for the last 12 years.Every one is probably aware of the civic condtions , especially during the monsoons.

    We the residents were too happy to know that this locality has been merged with the corpoation and allotted Ward No 188 under Corpoation of Chennai(COC.

    We have learnt certain budget might have allotted for improvement of civic and sanitary conditions of this area apart from laying of roads,removal of Garbage etc.

    But to our dismay the condition of the Roads,Sewage Management ,Storm Water Drain has become from bad to worse,especially 3RD Main St of Sadasivam Nagar,Madipakkam – 600091

    We the residents raised a number of queries with the local Ward Councilor (ward 188)on the above issues,but have been gettting evasive replies.

    Complainte to COC Phone No 1913 and also online complaint registered has not yielded NO repeat No results.
    The following are the issues ,we would to be resolved :-

    (a) disposal of Sewage mixed with rain water on the streets.
    (b) Permanent solution to water logging.
    (c) Non-fucntioning of street lights
    (d) Non-Dispoal of /Removal of Garbage.
    (e) Dog and Cattle nuisance.
    (f) Establisbment of Commercial shops in residential areas.
    (g) Encroachment on Corporation Land by Shop keepers leaving no room for pedestrians.
    (h) Arrangements for Anti mosquito drive to avoid Dengue and Malaria cases.

    Please apprise me how to raise the above issues by information on what actions are being taken by concerned Public Authority ?

  20. Reply Suresh Nov 18,2013 12:01 pm

    I have the following questions:

    1. Do you have a presence/collaboration with organisations in Coimbatore?
    2. Do Panchayat Presidents come under ambit of RTI since I have one who is asking for a bribe to approve a building plan.
    3. Is your RTI application generator ready as I saw it in the paper today? If so, please provide the link.

    Thanks and appreciate your good work.

  21. Reply Deepak Nov 20,2013 9:14 am

    Deepak from Chennai. First of all thanks for ‘grayfaceofindia’ team for their wonderful work.
    I have drafted RTI application to HR & CE department tamilnadu.
    But the thing is how much rupees court stamp i have to paste,Please guide me.

    Pasting my content below.
    1.As per the HR&CE record is the mentioned land ************** belongs to any Temple?
    2. If it is a Temple land, to which Temple it belongs to?
    3. If it is temple land and belongs to any Temple, how and who gave this property to Temple?

    • Reply saiy2k Nov 22,2013 6:07 am

      Hi Deepak,
      Thx for the comment. You need to paste 10 Rs Court Fee Stamp, which can be bought from any Stamp Vendors near Registrar office and Courts.

  22. Reply Padmanaban Nov 22,2013 2:49 pm


    Congrats for your good work. More people required to participate to make the system effective.

    Regarding the Police Clearance Certificate for Canada, raised by one Mr. Murtaza, I think the Regional Passport Office is issuing such certificates through the Passport Seva Kendras.

  23. Reply jaganmohan nichenametla Nov 26,2013 1:38 pm

    tamilnadu government says it is giving free rice of 20kilos to ration cardholders of green card holders but in my area a shop is giving only 5kilos of raw rice and 5kilos of boiled rice and he is not giving more than 5 kilos of raw rice for the past 10months if i ask him say go and compalinat to any body i want to know through this process how much rice is given by government of tamilnadu i want to find it out so that i can take action on the shop in my area
    my telephone no 9841340256

  24. Reply Sriram Dec 20,2013 12:00 pm

    Dear Sirs,

    I am from Vishal nagar, madipakkam, Chennai, Ward 188. Residing here for the past 7 years, NOT a single time road was laid. Frequent requests to old/ new Councillors,complaint in CMDA portal does not give any result. Now they are laying some kind of road on the main branch, not on inner roads. Pathetic to see children with bags stranded during water log. Still pathetic to see our situation, after paying Income tax, servce tax and all kind of taxes and always waiting with hope….
    Please see if you can help!

  25. Reply Jayachandran Feb 22,2014 10:53 pm

    Dear Sir,

    Please help me as i am in bad condition.

    Today traffic police stopped me near T.nagar and said that i have came through one way and non availability of document they had collected Rs.500/- and also they have snatched my mobile and giving that back and ask for more money. Please help me to come out of this issue.

    • Reply saiy2k Feb 23,2014 10:14 pm

      Hi Jayachandran,
      Sorry to hear this. Fine for one way is Rs. 100 and Fine for not carrying documents is Rs. 200. Its clear the Police men cheated. And you got your mobile back or is still with them?

      Please mail us ur contact number to to get in touch with us

  26. Reply azhagarsenthil Mar 3,2014 1:02 pm

    Requesting everyone to gather somewhere and take a common issue and see to that it get a solution. then interfere in other issue. but you guys know normally whats happening everyone are trying to sort out their issues and least bothered about common issues and leaves the group. again they come when they face an other issue. this will not yield result. take an issue which is very common like banned shops across city, encroachments by rich business man and traders, extra rating against MRP which will make you easily to fight against small issues. for example pls watch youtube by typing either “azhagarsenthil” or type Public right awareness.

  27. Reply azhagarsenthil Mar 3,2014 1:03 pm

    Storngly suggest everyone to gather somewhere and take a common issue and see to that it get a solution. then interfere in other issue. but you guys know normally whats happening everyone are trying to sort out their issues and least bothered about common issues and leaves the group. again they come when they face an other issue. this will not yield result. take an issue which is very common like banned shops across city, encroachments by rich business man and traders, extra rating against MRP which will make you easily to fight against small issues. for example pls watch youtube by typing either “azhagarsenthil” or type Public right awareness.

  28. Reply Suresh Sep 12,2014 3:10 pm

    In my point of view. Clean India is not just government!! Highly not possible!! Every street, Every road, Every area, Every district and Every state should have a group of people working with this issue. All these work should be accountable, i mean digital and each one has to update the planned work. Example for cleaning street: group of people in street has to identify of what needs to be cleaned in the street, it should also includes encroachment, illegal building, illegal parking on street, etc

    Shall we form a group and first rectify our own area or street first?

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