Right to Information week – Celebrations @ 2016 by TNIC

Today TNIC celebrated RTI week by conducting a workshop on RTI. PIOs and RTI Activists, NGOs, Media persons were equally invited. We were invited to present on the role of  “Information seekers”.

Note: Awaiting for the snaps taken yesterday from Information Commission. Should receive in couple of days and update here.

New Coveragehttp://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/chennai/CIC-suggests-help-desks-to-cut-number-of-RTI-petitions/articleshow/54726219.cms

Our presentation – Digitization

Problem Definition

  1. India facing a data problem in a Unique scale, that no other country has faced. Governance of 1.4 billion people.
  2. The majority of the current population not having enough technical literacy.
  3. PIO being an additional responsibility.
  4. Real story from Ground.

What technology can do

  1. Modi’s Digitize India Initiative – https://digitizeindia.gov.in
  2. Online RTI Generator – http://grayfaceofindia.in/online-rti-generator/
  3. Estonia – Case study
    1. Most digital advanced government in the world.
    2. Can renew license in 3 minutes.
    3. Can register a Company in 18 minutes.
    4. 95% of the population file IT returns in 2 weeks from the IT filing date.
    5. More than everything, Both citizens and government officials are happy.
    6. So no one speaks about RTI, Freedom of Information or anything.


  1. Estonia has several unique advantages. But we can do better and we already started travelling in that direction.
  2. With digitization, we can achieve “Maximum Governance, Minimum Government”
  3. Turning into a Problem finder is first step. But we should evolve to Problem solvers.

Other highlights

  1. RTI Case studies – Walkthrough and discussions to how each case can be handled.
  2. Excellent speech by the Special Invitees, other Information seekers and PIOs.
  3. Heart touching, real life RTI stories from Thiru. S. Rajendran, Anna Institute of Management.
  4. New but enlightening definition of “Information” by Chief state information commissioner, Mr. Ramanujam.
  5. Interesting Questionnaire session at the end, where both CSIC Mr. Ramanujam and Thiru Justice K. Chandru answered.
  6. Mr. Ramanujam’s Intent of forming a group of both officials and activists to brainstorm on how to handle exceptional appeals.

We are thankful to Mr. Ramanujam and honored to have given such a stage to share our thoughts and ideas.


Workshop Agenda






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