Bribing Traffic Inspector and our Video recordings 1

We parked our Tata Magic vehicle near Kandasamy Temple, Broadway. The vehicle belongs to the NGO Chennai Social Service. We were doing some purchases for a Sapling plantation event at Uthandi, ECR the next day.


When we returned back to the vehicle, we found that the vehicle is wheel locked. Constable was standing there and asked us driving license and insurance. We showed the license and told Insurance is in office and can get it in an hour. He didn’t accept and told these to us:

  1. Loading goods fine – Rs. 2500
  2. No Insurance fine – Rs. 1000
  3. Remove lock fine – Rs. 200
  4. Pay these or speak to Inspector.

He also took the vehicle key from us. We went to Inspector and asked to give key and tried educating them that they can’t take the key just like that, but

  • they can issue challan,
  • get our driving license, in exchange for an acknowledgement,
  • then give the license back when we pay fine after a week (as per section 206 of The Motor Vehicle Act, 1988).

Though we couldn’t recall the exact section at that time, we told them again and again they can’t impound the vehicle for this violation. But they just took the key and left the place. Then we made calls with other friends and then to 103. We are very very surprised to hear from 103 that fine for our violations should be around Rs. 150 to Rs. 250!

So it’s very clear now, the traffic police was cheating us for THE OBVIOUS REASON, Bribe.

Then we found them at Central station. This time we turned our mobile cam on and informed them we are recording. Inspector didn’t opened his mouth for atleast 5 minutes, except for telling us to turn off the cam. He also threatened us that he will break the mobile, if we didn’t turn off the cam.

Then we are asked to come to a different place. We went there too. Inspector was shouting at us, threatening us he will file case, lock us up and make us to sit in underwear. Not surprisingly all this shoutings happened, when our Camera was off.

When we turned on the Camera, Inspector turned to silent mode again. Then they took photos of our vehicle and fined us for Rs. 300, just Three Hundred. That’s the actual fine amount! If we had not fought back, he would have threatened us with Rs. 3000+ fine, tried getting Rs. 1000 at least as bribe! Doing the legal, non corrupt, proper way, we left the place. Violating by overloading the vehicle was our fault that we resolved, we shouldn’t do again.

While discussing with Inspector, we saw another guy in car paying Rs. 200 as Bribe, for No Parking violation, for which the actual fine amount is Rs. 100!

The Inspector is just a single corrupt point in a big massive web of Corruption, which includes not just the government authorities, but also the Public. Systematic change needs to happen on all fronts and it started happening already 🙂 Let’s speed it up (y)

Do call 103 in such circumstances, they are of good support and provides much information.

Big thanks to Chennai Social Service for complete backup and support to fight back in legal way.

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  1. Reply dineshraja Jun 6,2015 10:14 am

    Hi friends,
    you guys amazing things by taking risk and with out hurry also you tried your best to prove what a common man is capable of doing . Police and all government officers are only servant to the public. We dont need to afraid or request them for doing their duty. Be positive and stay like this . sure many will inspire by you and soon society will change.
    you are real Heroes

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