Blank paper as RTI Response – First time in the history of RTI by J1 Saidapet police station

We filed a RTI with DGP Office to get the report submitted by J1 saidapet police station on the IOB Issue, briefed in the other post. The RTI was forwarded to Commissioner office and then to J1 police station. The response given by Tr.D.Vijaya Ramalu, Inspector of Police, J1 saidapet police station was totally unbelievable. Inside the registered post sent by the Inspector, we found nothing but a empty blank A4 sheet. How atrocious!!! The Inspector very cunningly denied us the information but with a projection that he responded by sending it in a registered post.

What do we do now? Proceed with full vigor as usual, no matter what!

We filed a complaint with Tamil Nadu Information Commission requesting them to take proper action on the J1 Inspector (PIO) for responding with empty white sheet.

Then we filed a complaint against J1 Inspector (L & O) Tr. D.Vijaya Ramalu to DC, Adyar for fabricating the false evidence and disobeying the law with intent to cause injury.

Lets see If DC, Adyar takes up the responsibility and take proper action on J1 Inspector.

Will keep posted !

J1 Police Station

J1 Police Station

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