Traffic Violation Portal – Vision Zero for India

To take forward our previous attempts at fixing Traffic violations, we came up with a comprehensive IT solution, a web portal to track Traffic Violations and crowdsource the process of taking violation videos and analyzing them. The portal is not just about this, but something much more significant. Maybe this portal will pave a way to realize one of our dream, which is to digitize and automate our Government Machinery.

What the Problem is?

  1. India tops this List with 2,43,475 traffic related deaths / year
  2. In other terms, 1 in 4970 Indian die every year.
  3. For 10th year in a row, Tamil Nadu tops India in road accidents.


  1. Our own mindset, that we value `1 or 2 seconds and bypass red signals` more than `our own safety`.
  2. Poor Traffic Infrastructure including Improper Board signs, non-working signals, damaged road, Encroachments that obstruct traffic.
  3. Lethargicness on part of Govt Officials (From Traffic Commissioner to Road Inspectors) to fix above points.
  4. ZERO Political will to make the Govt Officials to do their Duty and to make a better Safe Society.

What a Common Man can do?

Million things. As the topmost person in the Democracy, a common man’s will can do anything (at least in theory). Hit directly at the `no care` attitude of the people.


  1. Take your smartphone, Capture videos of traffic violations happening in roads.
  2. Document the details of all captured violations by noting down the Vehicle Registration Number, Violation Type and such.
  3. We are not just capturing the violations done by the Public, but also we cover the Infrastructure problems like poor roads, broken signals, encroachments on road / pavements.
  4. Collect all the violation data and send complaint to Traffic Police to take action by imposing fine on all violators.
  5. If no action is made on the complaint, escalate it above and above till it reaches the CM.
  6. Do the above steps on a larger scale, like 100s of videos capturing 1000s violations / month. We are definitely not short of violations.
  7. Make the authorities / Politicians directly responsible for the Huge number of violations happening and its direct consequence 2,43,475 deaths / year.

Then sit and watch the CHANGE happening…

This Traffic Violation Portal is to automate and digitize the above processes and to crowd source the tasks…

1 Prototype of the Project

The development of the Project has just begun and still a long way to go. Looking for Contribution from web developers to speed things up…
(Project is under development. Stable, but untested version of the code will be hosted in this URL)

2 Project Specification Document

3 Spec Documents

3.1 Requirement

  1. Project Specification Document – Embedded above
  2. Master Sheet that accompanies the Spec Document [1]

3.2 Technical

  1. Master Document (yet to do)
  2. Database Schema
  3. Web Service Specification
  4. Web App Specification (yet to do)
  5. Mobile Uploader App Specification (yet to do)

3.3 User Interface – Web

  1. Home Page
  2. Stats and Graphs
  3. Singup Popup
  4. Upload Video Popup
  5. Analyze Popup
  6. UI Flow

3.4 User Interface – Mobile

  1. Upload App Document

4 Contributions

4.1 Development

Development of this Portal is a massive task and definitely its not a one man Project. So interested developers from all arenas are welcome to contribute their coding skill to this project. The Technical Stack would be like:

  • Server: PHP / MySQL / Slim / PHPUnit / Apache
  • Web App: HTML5 / CSS3 / AngularJS
  • Designers: Photoshop for UI Design / Graphs Mock

4.2 Operations

We need to cover more Videos and Violations happening in the City. If anyone is willing to take videos and analyze existing videos (need more people here) to extract Violation Information (Reg. No, Vehicle Type, Violation, etc.,), please do mail us.

If anyone interested in any type of Contribution, please mail us to

5 Team

A bunch of college students (from various colleges in Chennai) who are passionate on contributing to the Nation joined us in making the Traffic Portal a reality. As of now, we are in the process of training them through online self trainer courses and the objective is to make them strong in various technologies involved. Once they are prepared, they will start contributing for the project.

Any CS/IT students can also join us, we will guide you / train on technologies and then you shall start contributing for the project. Its a win-win for all 🙂

All above Documentation is in this Master Folder

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