7 Fraudulent Sholavaram Police Officials Transferred 11


Mr. Senthil had some aggressive issues with locales in his area, Ponneri. On 04/05/2013, while going home, he was beaten by some of the hostile local people with sticks and rods. Senthil got injured badly and even got injuries in his head.

Senthil directly visited E-5, Sholavaram Police Station to make complaint on the assaulters. Police noted down the complaint, but refused to give CSR and insisted Senthil to get treatment from hospital.

So, he went to Ponneri GH and got first aid treatment there. But he was directed to Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital for he got some serious wounds in head. Advocate of Senthil insisted the Police to give CSR and finally they passed the DSR through wireless on Date of Occurrence itself. At the same time he gets treatment from Rajiv Gandhi GH and then discharged on 05/05/2013.

As the Minister got involved and ordered the Police officials not to register the case. So the local politicians and Police Officers invited Senthil to a Bar in Ponneri to speak of compromise and stop him from taking any steps against the accused But Senthil refuses to compromise and take back the complaint. Then they requested to alter the complaint with lesser intense details instead of a stronger one. Senthil got cornered as Minister got involved, so he agreed and signed on the Papers.

But an unexpected twist happened here. The letter in which Senthil signed was not the less severe complaint, but it was letter to withdraw the case itself. No one knows, whether he signed in withdraw letter under the influence of alcohol or forgery done in the part of Local Politicians and Policemen.

Approach with RTI

Senthil, then approached our Volunteer through his friend. We filed 3 RTIs:

  1. To Health and Family Welfare Department requesting certified copies of all Documents (Accident Register, Wound Certificate, Discharge Summary, Triple of form, Medical Legal Case Certificate, etc.,) in Rajiv Gandhi Govt. General Hospital regarding Senthil’s case.
  2. To Assistant Surgeon, Ponneri GH, requesting certified copies of all above Documents in Ponneri GH regarding Senthil’s case.
  3. To Additional Superintendent of Police (Crime) requesting certified copies of all Documents (CSR, DSR, General Diary, Bind Over, etc.,) from  E-5, Sholavaram Police Station regarding Senthil’s case.

RTI Responses

As expected, there were no proper responses for all the three RTI:

  1. H&F Welfare transferred the application to Dept of Medical Education. Later the PIO rejected the RTI Application stating, Template of RTI is wrong u/s 6(1) for another RTI (Seriously!!!)
  2. Assistant Surgeon/PIO, Ponneri GH replied after the First Appeal that it comes u/s 11, so the answer can’t be provided. Its is against the RTI Act but it can be exempted u/s 8 of RTI Act but that stand was not taken by PIO.
  3. Half Baked & False Information was given by Sub-Inspector of Police to Additional Superintendent of Police (Crime) then provided to Applicant.


It was very clear from our side that Additional Superintendent of Police (Crime) is giving out false information, since Senthil knows that DSR is passed, where as the RTI Reply letter stated DSR was not passed and they provided uncertified copies of certain documents, etc.,

With the above knowledge, we made a First Appeal stating all the idiosyncrasies and also we mentioned that the CSR was given after the Compromise is made. Actually, it was not a compromise letter, its a less severe complaint for which CSR is given the next day. But since they twisted the case, its showed off their fraudulence and helped us easily catch them.

DSP (Ponneri) was directed to enquire all the records after our First Appeal. And based on honest investigation after enquiry done by the DSP, all the fraudulants of 7 Police Officers from the station were uncovered and all of them were transferred to random places.

The Police Officials including Inspector, SI (Crime), SI (L & O), SBCID Constable, Head Constables and Constables

A BIG VICTORY FOR US. Justice Prevailed at last.

We are yet to receive proper responses for our RTI but our mission accomplished.

RTIs and responses can be found here.

11 thoughts on “7 Fraudulent Sholavaram Police Officials Transferred

  1. Reply sankar C Oct 12,2013 9:14 am

    Impressive job done. Real heroes. Continue your service. JAI HINDH

    • Reply saiy2k Oct 12,2013 2:42 pm

      Thanks. But we not heroes, but common man just like you and other. With proper knowledge on RTI and similar things, any one can do all this.

  2. Reply chandrasekar Oct 12,2013 3:50 pm

    great job,keep it up.your work is encouraging and inspiring the youth….i am one of them.
    i want to know how to ask information regarding evaluated question papers,social schemes,revenue department through RTi.how to write an application to the respective officials,if possible provide me a sample letter to my mail id.

  3. Reply Sarang G Thacker Oct 12,2013 7:32 pm

    I want to support you and further the cause you have picked up….please let me know by what means I can help

  4. Reply Senthil Oct 12,2013 10:12 pm

    Highly appreciated. Keep it up

  5. Reply Hariharan Oct 12,2013 11:13 pm

    Sort of victory. But not a deterrent for future officers. Mere transfer without punishment doesnt deter these police officersn in their future postings. Transfers are a burden on the government with cash outflows, which ginally the people have to bear.

    • Reply saiy2k Oct 20,2013 12:26 am

      I agree completely. But atleast the first step (some action, rather than nothing) happened. We will strive with more intensity next time 🙂

  6. Reply sanjay Oct 13,2013 3:05 pm

    Hi, can you guide how I can file RTI on Delhi police to know why they are not filing FIR and what investigation they have done in response to my complaint ?

    Your kind guidance will be highly appreciated .

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