RTI on Water and Drainage problem, West Saidapet, Chennai

A complaint has been made by Sarathy Nagar Resident’s Welfare Association on June, 2012 regarding metro water problem and sewage problem.

There was no response from the authorities for around 8 months. So two RTI applications has been sent (on Feb, 2013) enquiring the action taken on the complaint. 


Metro water works in West Saidapet


Metro Water started work on the water pipes after 2 days of application of RTI, showing some good sign 🙂 As of 26 / 02 / 2013, work is still under progress. Area Engineer – X, CMWSSB responded to RTI February, 2013

As on December, 2013, additional underground pipes are laid and the water problem was resolved.

Link to Original Complaints and RTI

Status: Success 🙂 The water issue in Sarathy Nagar is resolved through RTI!

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