Restoration of Adyar and Cooum Rivers Part 2 1

8 RTI Applications have been filed in the month of February to the following Departments, soughting information regarding the authorities responsible for maintenance of the rivers, authorities responsible to take care of each and every problems faced by the rivers, budget allocated for the river maintenance, their plan with the river and many more. The intention of RTI is not only to gather information, but also a reminder to the officials of their duties of properly maintaining the rivers.

  1. Central Pollution Control Board
  2. Chennai Metro Water and Sewage Supply Board
  3. Corporation of Chennai
  4. Environment and Forest
  5. Health and Family Welfare
  6. Municipal Administration and Water Supply
  7. Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board
  8. Public Works Department
East of Maraimalai Adigalar Bridge, Little Mount, Saidapet

East of Maraimalai Adigalar Bridge, Little Mount, Saidapet

A small sample from the big array of questions asked:

  1. Appropriate officers and Public Authorities covered under Subject matter jurisdiction and Territorial jurisdiction for maintenance and monitoring of Adyar and Cooum river free from stagnation of water, water pollution and maintenance of drainage system in Chennai.
  2. List of Sewage Treatment Plants / Pumping Stations in Chennai along with their full working capacity and current working capacity.
  3. Blueprints / Layout / Map of Drainage system in Chennai included with all Sewage Treatment Plants and Pumping Stations. (If possible provide it in CD / DVD)
  4. Overall Budget spent on maintenance of Adyar and Cooum river and detailed breakdown on how the money is being spent for the past one year.
  5. How many complaints has been received regarding discharge of Treated / Untreated Sewage effluent in Chennai waterways within a year so far through oral, written and e-Gov mode? What actions are taken?

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