Street Lamps @ Pallikaranai 3

We liked to test the RTI to see how it works, what could be done with RTI. So filed one for the sake of testing it with questions on Street Lamps in Ward No: 189 (Pallikaranai, Chennai). We never posed any critical questions, rather very normal questions which is not of much use, like

  1. How much fund is allotted for street post lamp in ward 189? (Its almost 3 Crore in the year 2012-13)
  2. How much distance should be there between 2 post lameps ? (its 25 meters)
And we got a reply within a month, from Superintending Engineer, Electical Dept., Corporation of Chennai.


Link for actual Complaints and Replies.

Status: Received Answer (CLOSED)

3 thoughts on “Street Lamps @ Pallikaranai

  1. Reply sanjay Oct 13,2013 3:01 pm

    Kudos to you and your effort. Please keep up the good work . Wish someone could do something for hapless citizens of Delhi / NCR also

    • Reply saiy2k Oct 20,2013 12:20 am

      Hi Sanjay,
      We suggest you to look for some NGOs and contribute your time to our society. and you will be the “someone”, who could do something for the hapless citizens 🙂

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