Maladministration of Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation 1

Our volunteer goes on a family trip to Shimla in May, 2012 organised by Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation (HPTDC). The trip covers various places in Himalayas including Shimla, Rohtang Pass and many more.
While on travel, the passengers were instructed by the Tour Guide to hire Special Gloves, Suits to venture out in Rohtang Pass and the hiring were made by all the passengers. But on reaching Rohtang Pass, some mysterious twists happened and the guide announced that the Rohtang Pass visit was cancelled due to landslide.
Based on conversations with a Tourist Information Officer, our volunteer got to know that the announcement of cancellation of visit was done late on purpose, so the hiring of items by passengers are done.
He wrote a complaint letter to HPTDC on the incident asking for Compensation of Rs. 1 Lakh to all passengers to redress their grievances. As expected of any Indian government institutions, THERE WAS NO RESPONSE.
8 Months passes…
An RTI has been filed on Jan, 2013 enquiring the status of the complaint given, whether the compensation has been made. This RTI marks the beginning of a big RTI / Complaint war between our volunteer and HPTDC authorities.


Unable to answer the strong questions, HPTDC sends an authority to our Volunteer’s home to settle things off paper. The authority bargains to refund tour package and to give a free complimentary tour package for the family. But our volunteer refused to accept and sends back the authority with negative response.
Then by the month of April, 2013, We filed a series of RTI applications to get copy of service rules and circulars, HP G.O. pertaining to public grievance, Complaint related documents to Tourist Information Officers and others,  and to enquire on refunding to other passengers.

Nearly 100s of letters / complaints / appeals / responses exchanged between us and the Himachal Pradesh Tourism department over a span of 7 months. It was a constant struggle between us and the authorities. Because of the frustration caused by the authorities and our strong belief that we will get Justice, we even sent the whole correspondences to PM, President, Supreme Court, Chief Information Commission, ddd, etc.,

Then finally Himachal Pradesh Information Commission ordered the HP Tourism PIO to compensate us with a sum of INR 3500. As per the the Commission’s order, we received the compensation amount via Cheque on February, 2014.

HPTDC Cheque of 3500                                                                                                                                                             

Link to Original RTI, Complaint and Replies

Status: Victory !!!

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