Facilities in Primary Health Centre (PHC), Kannamangalam, Tiruvannamalai

A random RTI from our Volunteer, enquiring various facilities and working details of Primary Health Center, Kannamangalam RTIs like this is to remind the people in government service that they are accountable to the Tax Payers.

We got details on working time of various faculties, their salary; number of chairs, tables and other furnitures in Hospital and many more intricate details.

Public Health Center

Each and Every RTI reply makes us more excited, when we see the level of details that we get from a couple of Letters and a month or two time span.
Among the questions, one questions was “Whether any complaint is received by Directorate of Health services regarding the Medical officer or on facilities of PHC? If yes, what action would be taken under service rules and by when would that action be taken?”
PS: The Medical Officer in PHC was transferred in a month after the RTI has been made for some mysterious reason.


Link to Original RTI and Replies

Status: Closed

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